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HPC4AI Cloud Resources

HPC4AI Cloud Resources - Dynamic quotes
HPC4AI cloud Resources monthly fees include the following services:

  • Access to Openstack Horizon console - Organizing, creating, destroying virtual machines, setup networks
  • Access to GPUs in exclusive mode - each GPU will be connected to a single VM in exclusive mode, to get all the power from hardware acceleration to your AI workloads
  • Support from IT Experts - if you are in trouble with your setup, you can ask our IT experts to give an hands on systems, setup new services, solve administration incidents

  • The quote will not include any people costs: for research collaboration/support, please contact us...
  • No VAT is applied to the quote: actually Italy VAT is 22% (IVA)
  • University of Turin researchers are eligible for a 50% off discount

  • Please fill in the following form to get a quote calculated from the current pricelist:
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