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Tartaglione, Enzo; Zapater, Marina

Marco Aldinucci, David Atienza, Federico Bolelli, Mónica Caballero, Iacopo Colonnelli, José Flich, Jon A. Gómez, David González, Costantino Grana, Marco Grangetto, Simone Leo, Pedro López, Dana Oniga, Roberto Paredes, Luca Pireddu, Eduardo Qui~nones, Tatiana Silva Journal Article

In: Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value, pp. 183, 2022.

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Sulis, Emilio; Amantea, Ilaria Angela; Aldinucci, Marco; Boella, Guido; Marinello, Renata; Grosso, Marco; Platter, Paolo; Ambrosini, Serena

An ambient assisted living architecture for hospital at home coupled with a process-oriented perspective Journal Article

In: Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, pp. 1–19, 2022.

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Aldinucci, Marco; Atienza, David; Bolelli, Federico; Caballero, Mónica; Colonnelli, Iacopo; Flich, José; Gómez, Jon A; González, David; Grana, Costantino; Grangetto, Marco; others,

The DeepHealth Toolkit: A Key European Free and Open-Source Software for Deep Learning and Computer Vision Ready to Exploit Heterogeneous HPC and Cloud Architectures Book Section

In: Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value, pp. 183–202, Springer, 2022.

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Colonnelli, Iacopo; Aldinucci, Marco; Cantalupo, Barbara; Padovani, Luca; Rabellino, Sergio; Spampinato, Concetto; Morelli, Roberto; Carlo, Rosario Di; Magini, Nicol`o; Cavazzoni, Carlo

Distributed workflows with Jupyter Journal Article

In: Future Generation Computer Systems, vol. 128, pp. 282–298, 2022.

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nones, Eduardo Qui; Perales, Jesus; Ejarque, Jorge; Badouh, Asaf; Marco, Santiago; Auzanneau, Fabrice; Galea, François; González, David; Hervás, José Ramón; Silva, Tatiana; others,

The DeepHealth HPC Infrastructure: Leveraging Heterogenous HPC and Cloud-Computing Infrastructures for IA-Based Medical Solutions Book Section

In: HPC, Big Data, and AI Convergence Towards Exascale, pp. 191–216, CRC Press, 2022.

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Perlo, Daniele; Tartaglione, Enzo; Gava, Umberto; D’Agata, Federico; Benninck, Edwin; Bergui, Mauro

UniToBrain Dataset: A Brain Perfusion Dataset Proceedings Article

In: International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing, pp. 498–509, Springer 2022.

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Polato, Mirko; Esposito, Roberto; Aldinucci, Marco

Boosting the federation: Cross-silo federated learning without gradient descent Proceedings Article

In: 2022 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN), pp. 1–10, IEEE 2022.

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Baccega, Daniele; Pernice, Simone; Terna, Pietro; Castagno, Paolo; Moirano, Giovenale; Richiardi, Lorenzo; Sereno, Matteo; Rabellino, Sergio; Maule, Milena; Beccuti, Marco; others,

An Agent-Based Model to Support Infection Control Strategies at School Journal Article

In: JASSS, vol. 25, no. 3, pp. 1–15, 2022.

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Iacopo, Colonnelli; others,

Workflow models for heterogeneous distributed systems Journal Article

In: 2022.

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Paseri, Ludovica

The European Approach to Open Science and Research Data PhD Thesis

University of Luxembourg,​​ Luxembourg, 2022.


Paseri, Ludovica

The European legal approach to Open Science and research data Journal Article

In: 2022.

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Colonnelli, Iacopo; Cantalupo, Barbara; Esposito, Roberto; Pennisi, Matteo; Spampinato, Concetto; Aldinucci, Marco

HPC application cloudification: The StreamFlow toolkit Proceedings Article

In: 12th Workshop on Parallel Programming and Run-Time Management Techniques for Many-core Architectures and 10th Workshop on Design Tools and Architectures for Multicore Embedded Computing Platforms (PARMA-DITAM 2021), Schloss Dagstuhl-Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik 2021.

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Marco, Aldinucci; David, Atienza; Bolelli, Federico; Mónica, Caballero; Iacopo, Colonnelli; José, Flich; Gómez, Jon A; David, González; Grana, Costantino; Marco, Grangetto; others,

The DeepHealth toolkit: a key European free and open-source software for Deep Learning and Computer Vision ready to exploit heterogeneous HPC and cloud architectures Journal Article

In: 2021.

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Beccuti, Marco; Bonnici, Vincenzo; Giugno, Rosalba

MODIMO: Workshop on Multi-Omics Data Integration for Modelling Biological Systems Proceedings Article

In: Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Information & Knowledge Management, pp. 4870–4871, 2021.

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Bontempi, Gianluca; Chavarriaga, Ricardo; Canck, Hans; Girardi, Emanuela; Hoos, Holger; Kilbane-Dawe, Iarla; Ball, Tonio; Nowé, Ann; Sousa, Jose; Bacciu, Davide; others,

The CLAIRE COVID-19 initiative: approach, experiences and recommendations Journal Article

In: Ethics and information technology, vol. 23, no. 1, pp. 127–133, 2021.

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Sulis, Emilio; Cordero, Alex; Donetti, Simone; Ferrero, Paolo; Violato, Andrea

A Framework for Project Risk Assessment in Telehealth Proceedings Article

In: 2021 IEEE/ACM Conference on Connected Health: Applications, Systems and Engineering Technologies (CHASE), pp. 216–221, IEEE 2021.

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D’Agostino, Daniele; Li`o, Pietro; Aldinucci, Marco; Merelli, Ivan

Advantages of using graph databases to explore chromatin conformation capture experiments Journal Article

In: BMC bioinformatics, vol. 22, no. 2, pp. 1–16, 2021.

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Sulis, Emilio; Terna, Pietro

An agent-based decision support for a vaccination campaign Journal Article

In: Journal of Medical Systems, vol. 45, no. 11, pp. 1–7, 2021.

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Perlo, Daniele

Deep Learning for medical imaging: perspectives from real use cases Journal Article

In: 2021.

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Turin, Gianluca; Borgarelli, Andrea; Donetti, Simone; Johnsen, Einar Broch; Tarifa, Silvia Lizeth Tapia; Damiani, Ferruccio

A formal model of the kubernetes container framework Proceedings Article

In: International Symposium on Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, pp. 558–577, Springer 2020.

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Bottero, Luca; Calisto, Francesco; Graziano, Giovanni; Pagliarino, Valerio; Scauda, Martina; Tiengo, Sara; Azeglio, Simone

Physics-informed machine learning simulator for wildfire propagation Journal Article

In: arXiv preprint arXiv:2012.06825, 2020.

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Pernice, Simone; Castagno, Paolo; Marcotulli, Linda; Maule, Milena Maria; Richiardi, Lorenzo; Moirano, Giovenale; Sereno, Matteo; Cordero, Francesca; Beccuti, Marco

Impacts of reopening strategies for COVID-19 epidemic: a modeling study in Piedmont region Journal Article

In: BMC infectious diseases, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 1–9, 2020.

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Pernice, Simone; Follia, Laura; Maglione, Alessandro; Pennisi, Marzio; Pappalardo, Francesco; Novelli, Francesco; Clerico, Marinella; Beccuti, Marco; Cordero, Francesca; Rolla, Simona

Computational modeling of the immune response in multiple sclerosis using epimod framework Journal Article

In: BMC bioinformatics, vol. 21, no. 17, pp. 1–20, 2020.

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D’Agostino, Daniele; Li`o, Pietro; Aldinucci, Marco; Merelli, Ivan

NeoHiC: a web application for the analysis of Hi-C data Proceedings Article

In: International Meeting on Computational Intelligence Methods for Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, pp. 98–107, Springer 2019.

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Drocco, Maurizio; Viviani, Paolo; Colonnelli, Iacopo; Aldinucci, Marco; Grangetto, Marco

Accelerating spectral graph analysis through wavefronts of linear algebra operations Proceedings Article

In: 2019 27th Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Network-Based Processing (PDP), pp. 9–16, IEEE 2019.

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Viviani, Paolo

Deep Learning at Scale with Nearest Neighbours Communications Journal Article

In: 2019.

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Aldinucci, Marco; Rabellino, Sergio; Pironti, Marco; Spiga, Filippo; Viviani, Paolo; Drocco, Maurizio; Guerzoni, Marco; Boella, Guido; Mellia, Marco; Margara, Paolo; others,

HPC4AI: an AI-on-demand federated platform endeavour Proceedings Article

In: Proceedings of the 15th ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers, pp. 279–286, 2018.

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Aldinucci, Marco; Cantalupo, Barbara; Colonnelli, Iacopo; Grangetto, Marco; Renzulli, Riccardo; Tartaglione, Enzo; Grosso, Marco; Limerutti, Giorgio

Lung nodules segmentation in CT scans by DeepHealth toolkit Journal Article

In: 0000.

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